I need help setting up folder sync for grandma

Files exist on Grandma external drive D:/files

  • I uploaded a full copy as a backup to the server.
  • Created user Grandma

I need to sync D:\ to Grandma’s cloud account as \Files folder so it can be:

  • Shared r/w with other users
  • Folder structure will stay exactly the same on grandma’s desktop under D:\

Please assist with this. I’m getting confused on how to correctly set this up with Folder Sync Connection on her desktop client. It is important that the files structure not actually change on Grandma’s machine. Any tips and guidance appreciated!

Confused: If I define a remote sync point for Nextcloud based on a local folder, it will add a folder to Grandma’s D:\

Resolved this by making the primary sync location for desktop client /empty-directory and confirming user account contains no data yet on the server.

  • Removed Talk from syncing to client
  • Added manual folder sync points from D:\ to remotely created /Files directory
  • Removed /empty-directory from sync.
  • Sync’ed as normal

Working well!

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