Shared »Shared« with you emails - How do I improve them?

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As of 20.0.1, emails sent to users when folders or files are shared with them literally look like spam. I noticed they render very poorly in Gmail and would greatly appreciated any suggestions for improving the look of them!

Perhaps my personal configuration is just really bad. If so, I’m down to fix it up into something that doesn’t look sketchy. I’m new to CSS and any other theme configuration that might be needed.

  • The shared email doesn’t respect the Dark Theme of my server.
    • I’ve noticed my shared url’s also do not respect the default dark theme assigned from Accessibility.
  • Formatting <<Name>> in the email subject line, button and description of the message looks just terrible. I’d love to tweak this.
  • Email clients that do not automatically show images (gmail) simply display a red circle and offset text (blacked out in the image), which looks really awkward.

Thanks so much for any suggestions and guidance.

Sorry. But i think the biggest problem is that HTML-e-mail is used. Perhaps someone can make an option for plain text email without any button but only with normal links. Thanks.

And yes. It is actually extrem ugly and does not look modern or nice.
Perhaps someone can add an option

I love your idea to just send plain text. That would do fine. Bonus points for appending a simple text signature for context.


John sent you a folder called "Shared", available at:

To accept, just click the link. Let me know if you have any questions at:

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Can you write an issue or should i write it?

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