I need help. Information about nextcloud files

Hello everyone. I ran into a problem when setting up nextcloud. I need to hide the data of the date and time of creation and modification of files. I searched a lot, I didn’t find anything like that. Please help me

It’s a property of files that they have a creation and modification date. You could do something that sets the dates all to a specific one, or if it is just the webinterface, with theming you can hide the information.

and where can I find this theming in the web interface?

Maybe you can use the app Custom CSS.
But that makes no real sense. Any user can easily find out the date. It is unnecessary.

Can you explain why you think this makes sense? Maybe we can help you in some other way.

If you share a file directly (e.g. PDF and not the folder with the PDF) the user maybe not see the date and time of creation.

Thank you, I found how to delete this data. I will need to give access where colleagues can view files (access for downloading and editing is prohibited) and I also need to delete all information about the file (weight, creation time, last edit). And I have one difficulty left, I can’t find the main log “Recently changed” in the code, which is located in the main menu. Can you help me?

Weight? You mean their size?

You’re doing something very strange… going to a lot of trouble to hide that files were changed.

Maybe it’s strange for someone, but for me it’s an important change. I figured it out, but can you tell me where in the code you can remove from the menu “Refuse to share access to this resource”

Even if you don’t upload it to Nextcloud, but to a normal web space, users could get this information.This also applies to any object you upload to Nextcloud.

Here is an example of an image:

Use Firefox developer tools (F12) and then Network analysis

Name: logo.png
Abmessungen: 352 × 232

Response Header:

You can find Last-Mdified: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 11:51:49 GMT

Read Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia for details.

…which is another thing you cannot really prevent. You can hide the Download button, but you can’t really prevent someone from downloading the file. If someone has access to the file, he or she can download it. And after downloading it, the person can of course see the modification date in the file properties. I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve here, and you probably won’t tell us, but what you’re doing are hacky “security by obscurity” methods at best, which can be bypassed very easily.

@Buki_Baki @bb77
And if they can not download it (e.g. secure view with e.g. Collabora Online) the user can make a screenshot. You need watermarking.

Read Security through obscurity - Wikipedia.

alternative solution
Maybe you can use every day the command touch for all files and then use occ files:scan --all to rescan. Then perhaps the date of modification is nonsense. Not tested.

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