I need a tool like Slack in Nextcloud

I want a tool like Slack in Nextcloud. I think that Nextcloud needs that function. There is no need to increase the membership operation like Slack. It is assumed to use only for Nextcloud users to the last.
Calendar, mailer, To Do, Contacts are already equipped. And if Nextcloud is equipped with this, it will be a more perfect/solid tool.

It may be an improvement of Deck.app in order to realize it easily in the present situation. Deck’s Stack is regarded as Slack’s channel, and conversation (chat) can be made under it.

*We have an idea that we don’t want to increase external service.


You mean like Talk? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thank you for reply. But Talk is different. It is also possible to chat. However, video chat is the main purpose of Talk.app. It is better for “agenda to be the subject” like Slack. This is synonymous with BBS. People(User) are not the main. Of course, general chat is better than none. But Talk.app is mainly video chat, text chat is an auxiliary factor.

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You can always contribute and make it better. Or become a customer and contribute to the development of features that way.

Have you tried the JXSC chat? It’s not exactly like slack, but a very good chat app with group channels. If you absolutly need a fullscreen chat you could combine it with conversejs in the external pages app.
Edit: Movim.eu also would work as a fullscreen XMPP chat that can work with JSXC users.

Other than that, you could realatively easily set up something else through the external pages app. The main issue is usually the user integration. But with LDAP you could for example have a Riot.im/Matrix Synapse system integrated, or you could run a The Lounge or Convos IRC chat (don’t think IRC is outdated :wink: ).


Rocket.chat or Mattermost are great integration choices. Best of breed Open Source versus yet another newly developed thing … Your contribution to such integrations would be very welcome!


I’m thinking about trying to spin up a RocketChat on my local home server myself but having integration for it within NextCloud would be dope for sure. I am currently not a skilled enough developer to do this myself but just wanted to chime in and say that I think it’s a good idea.


Might become a pretty nice group chat based on XMPP.

An issue is discussed here: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/3202
Integration with Mattermost

@zoo3 At work we tested many Slack alternatives and the absolute closest options are Rocket.chat and Mattermost. Rocket.chat feels and acts just like Slack, has proven very stable, @thedonquixotic integrates with Nextcloud file storage and can import all Users, Channels and Webhooks. I would go with Rocket.chat if you want the experience to feel as similar as possible.

use [matrix] element… create rooms and invite folks