I hope to adapt and optimize three functions for Chinese users

I hope there can be three optimizations

  1. There can be a place to set the 24-hour clock, AM and PM are rarely used in China
  2. The sidebar on the left can be hidden, fixed or automatically retractable
  3. A week can start on Monday and end on Sunday

The optimization of these three places will be more suitable for Chinese users

The calendar you developed is great, thank you for your effort.

The country/language settings of the server or the personal setting are usually used to localize the website and the apps. This is not an individual rule set of Nextcloud but based on the world-wide standards.

So, if you, e.g. would use “English (USA)” a 12-hour clock is shown with AM/PM and the first day of a week is Sunday. If you would use “German (Germany)” a 24.hour clock is shown without AM/PM and the first day of the week is Monday.

So please be more precise and describe how you’ve set-up your profile and how your server settings are looking like.