I have NextCloud installed as Snap; it shows False Malware positives, I can't find a way to allow them to sync

I have NextCloud installed as Snap; it generally works fine; thank you for a great system.
However I just realised that many files won’t sync because they are “detected” as malware which they are not.
Looking at the Admin Settings I see no way to fix this.
What can I do, please?


Nextcloud snap has no antivirus module.

Nextcloud server packaged as a snap. It consists of:

Nextcloud 25
Apache 2.4
PHP 8.0
Redis 6
mDNS for network discovery

Refer here → nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap: :cloud::package: Nextcloud packaged as a snap (github.com)

Did you install any thing extra on top of nextcloud snap version?


Yeah, sounds like you have a misbehaving app. Nothing to do with the snap.

Thank you both.
I was not suggesting there was something “wrong” with the Snap, just that something “inside” may need some configuration.
Unfortunately the unresizable little window I can get to show unsynced files is too small to see the reason and whatever logs exist… do not look handy to me (noob).

Anyway, it now seems the “Ransomware” app is causing this, except that after having disabled the Ransomware app and restarted the client the files still failed to sync. Do I need to somehow restart the Snap? How would I do that, please?


The (Git) website of the Ransomware app suggests there should be a way to get to some settings but I can’t find it. Could that be because this is a Snap? Or is it just me being a noob?

I don’t think that should be required, but I know nothing about that app. To restart the snap, just run sudo snap restart nextcloud.

I recommend logging an issue against that app and asking there.

Thank you kyrofa.

I didn’t want to start an “issue” in case “it’s me”.
If I were to start one, would I do it here?

Thing is, it states “this app is currently not maintained” so I’m not sure if anybody would do anything as a result of an “issue” or even reply.

Sorry, I just wanted to show the URL; it keeps "interpreting it; I’m not sure how to turn that off:

That sounds like the right repo, but I agree, I doubt anyone will care about your issue there sadly. For future reference, I recommend checking the status of apps before installing them.

It was (a few) years ago.

While “I have” you here (thank you!) is there anything else I can try if restarting the snap doesn’t solve the problem? I haven’t done it yet as I have to locate the credentials and I wonder if I also have to restart apache or anything else, or some order of things needed to be done in…

OOOPS, it may be sorted out; it seems Windows Explorer may have needed a bigger nudge (not just refresh): having renamed one of the unsynced files they all look synced now, at least in that folder; who knows how many others may be unsynced elsewhere…
I wish there was a “place” where I can see a list of all unsynced files and the reasons for it.
Anyway, thank you very much for holding my hand.

Ah, glad you got it sorted!

The command I gave you will restart everything involved in the snap-- web server, database, PHP-- in the proper order. The only thing it won’t include are reverse proxies or other infrastructure you’ve put in place yourself.

That’s great to know; thank you.
My daughter did set some reverse proxy (we use same DDNS for something else); I’m not even sure how that works, but I would have thought that’s outside the Snap so… independent.
Anyway, she’ll be back tomorrow and at the weekend I hope I she can help me out if needed.
She’s studying CS :smiley: . I got her started but she already is ahead in most ways.
Not Bare-Metal Embedded tough :smiley: . Not that it’s very useful in general :frowning: