I get an error has soon has i touche config.php

So, i follow a tutorial on how to install, nextcloud on windows with wsl, no problem, but i’m trying to configure a ddns, but has soon has i change something in config.php, even if i just add a space, i get " Error
Unable to write to the “config” directory!

This issue is typically resolved by granting the web server write access to the configuration directory. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep the config.php file read-only, set the “config_is_read_only” option to true. See Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation"
, i have tried to add configreadonly, doesnt work, any clue?

It looks like if you change the configuration, you change the permission of the file as well. If you are in the folder of the config file and you are in the linux system you can do:

ls -lisa

before and after the change. Then you will see how the permissions change (and you can change them back.