I enabled UFW now can't connect


I am running NC 17.0.2 on a RPI. I enabled UFW and left all (3) ports as default http, https and ssh.

Now I cannot reach the main webpage or ssh into it. How can I disable the UFW is there a command to do this?

I gained physical access and logged in locally and ran “sudo ufw disable”. Issue solved for now.

The best way instead of disabling it is to open ports.

ufw allow ssh
ufw allow http
ufw allow https

If you need to open more ports you can use ufw allow


Hi as stated above, I did leave the default (3) ports open and still had issues access my NC instance after enabling the UFW.

No ports are open in UFW by default. You must open them, then enable UFW.

I did basically the same, despite doing this on a Odroid HC1 with no possibility to attach a monitor.
Can not connect via SSH. How to “sudo ufw disable”, being only able to connect a keyboard but no monitor, so I am blind???

And Idea? @antmar904 @KarlF12 @SmallOne

Practice on another system to login blindly and execute sudo with ufw disable :slight_smile:

I have done that a few times when it hasn’t been possible to add a monitor. It is hard but not impossible :slight_smile:

But I’m this case when you are completely headless that might not be possible. Experiment and try.


So you enabled UFW without first allowing SSH. That’s a mistake people make exactly one time.

But you’re saying you can’t connect a monitor to this device? Does it have a serial console? Doesn’t sound like something I would depend on for an essential service if there is no console access…