I do not remember which provider I subscribed to - How to recover?

I would like to test my Android app again with the SAF storage with NC, but I do not remember which provider I subscribed long time ago. I browsed the list but I do not find one that matches my memory.
Is it possible to retrieve this information, or login in the NextCloud app? I installed it but it asks me the server address.
Please can you help me.
Thanks in advance

If you open the Android app, select the avatar icon in the upper right corner, the user name and domain is shown to which you are connection, e.g. tom@nextcloud.somewhere.com. This should allow you to identify the provider.

I installed the app again today so it has only the new provider I subscribed to, but I meant the old one.

No, I’m not aware that “old” configuration settings will be kept in the product if you’ve installed it from scratch. How should this work? Don’t you have a second client or a bookmark which you used in the past? Maybe the browser history will be a way to identify the old server.