I chose the wrong file when fixing a sync conflict. How do I undo?

Nextcloud android version 3.17.0
Server version 21.04

I just lost 6 hours of work becuase my finger was just a little bit off on android when I tried to click both checkboxes to keep both files during a syc conflict (which is what I normally do because my tablet is almost always offline and sync conflicts are commen).

Because the changes where made while the tablet was offline there is no version in version control. There has to be a way of getting my changes back.

Feel free to join the Android team and start to implement an offline versioning / caching to solve your use case.

Your comment is not helpful. I am not making a feature request. I am opening a support ticket. I need to get the file back.


not sure if this is possible as I am not an Android user.
This forum is a community based forum and not a official support center to opening “tickets”.
I set correct category for your topic and added “android” tag.
Hopefully other users can help you.

IComing back to this thread after ranting in another place to point out that I know this is not an official support center, Nextclouds official support center is priced out for me (and you probably don’t take cryptocurrency anyways) so this forum and reddit are really my only options, I was just trying to communicate that I needed help, not that I was requesting a feature.

Telling somone who is asking for help because a sync conflict just cost them six hours of work, and telling them that the solution is to:

  • dedicate a bunch of time to learn how to program,
  • dedicate a bunch of time to learn how to be an android app dev
  • dedicate a bunch of time to then learn how to contribute to foss projects,
  • dedicate a bunch of time to learn the ins and outs of how this foss project works
  • dedicate a bunch of time to actually contributing to this foss project, when seeing how you guys treat other volenteers

Its incredibly frustrating to read, and not helpful.

What’s wrong with that discussion you linked to? It reads like a normal discussion on how to implement this feature in a good way. The person mentioned even admitted in his next answer that his or her idea was not the best.

Well I don’t think that’s possible if wasn’t previously on your Nextctloud. And even then it would be most likely in the state it was before you made the changes. And no! Your original post is not a support request. It’s a complaint pure and simple. At least I don’t see any sentence in it that was formulated as a question. What should we answer to a post like that? Should we apologise to you on behalf of the developers?

If you want to help improving things though, you have several ways to participate in the development of OSS:

  • You participate in the discussion on GitHub and make suggestions. Of course, there is no guarantee that everyone involved agrees with your suggestions and that they will be implemented in the same way.

  • You actually learn to program and make a pull request.

  • You hire someone who knows programming and makes a pull request.

  • If your pull request is not accepted, you fork the app and develop it yourself.

  • You hire someone who develops it for you

That’s simply how it works in OSS land. And that is still better than with the big commercial vendors. There you have nothing to say, you can’t change it and if that’ not enough, you also have to pay for it.