I changed my IP address and then I can't access the URL

[EN] I apologize in advance for a possibly stupid question, I just started learning Nextcloud. Looking through the forum for myself did not highlight anything specific.

The essence of the problem: By changing the ip address in the interface to a static one, it is now possible to enter Nextcloud only through this ip, but by the name Example → http://local.example.com, it refuses to enter. Do not tell me where to look and how it is treated.
P.s trusted_domains also changed ip.

[RU] Заранее извиняюсь за возможно глупый вопрос, я только начал познавать Nextcloud. Полистав форум для себя ничего конкретного не выделил.

Суть проблемы: Сменив ip адрес в interface на статический, в Nextcloud теперь возможно зайти только через этот ip, а вот по имени Пример → http://local.example.com, отказывается заходить. Не подскажете , куда смотреть и как это лечится.
P.s trusted_domains тоже поменял ip.

Responsible for IP-Adress ↔ Domain.Name is a DNS Service.

This can be a local DNS Server you can administrate, a router that resolves your IP Adress to the right DNS Name etc.

Which one you use, you must say to us. Changes to IP Adresses to the NC Server and the right Domain Name must be qualified by the DNS Server afterwards as well.

Testing this under a Linux client you may have a look at

/etc/hosts file and enter the (new) IP Adress → Name and try to connect your NC Server from this client. If this work you have the answer.
(this is only for testing purposes and “static” → so after a successful test you should have look at the DNS / DHCP Server to resolve the right IP)

Thanks for the possible solution, I will try)

You can test DNS.

nslookup local.example.com

If the wrong IP address is returned by DNS, then that’s the problem.