I can't use the app!

. I made a account on disroot and I have the program in Windows. In my pc I have no problems. When I open the app, I write my user name, password and my disroot url, I can access and use it for a few seconds, later doesn’t work well. I’m again in the first step (user name, password, etc.), but my user name is repeated two times (with @), when I write all information app say me “user name or password incorrect” and I can’t modify my user. Someone can help me? I have an android ddevice.

What app are you exactly using? Or do you mean the client (on your windows desktop or android)?

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Hi, thanks for your help.

I have a smartphone android. The app is Nextcloud (android). I have no problems on my pc (windows). I don’t understand what happen.

Hi @Yon_Tree which version of the app are you using? In case you are running 1.3.1 can you give the beta a try (can be installed in parallel!) - https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdfilter=Nextcloud&fdid=com.nextcloud.android.beta

Hi Andy,

I have installed that version (beta) and the problem continue. When I’m some seconds using the app, suddenly I’m out, in the beginning (password, user name, etc.). Maybe there is some mistake when I made my account in NextCloud. I don’t know :frowning:

Hi @Yon_Tree,

do you see anything in the log (Settings–>Logs) in the beta app? Or could you add a demo account to your server send me a PM with the server URL and test user, so I can trace the problem in my app dev environment?