I can't update Nextcloud to 17

I am a French user.
I am actualy on Nextcloud 16.0.5 and i want to upgrade to nextcloud 17 but i don’t have the proposition. I don’t understand. Thank you for reading.
Best regards

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Change update channel to Beta.

After upgrade can change back to Stable

Thank you very much for you answer.

Ok now i have another problem,

after the update i get this. what is the problem ?

Your an the stable update-chanel. Nextclud does staged rollouts, making releases incrementally available to the user base over time.
You can try to switch to beta and lateron back to stable…

Thank you @Soko.
For the moment is not possible :slight_smile:
Do you have any idea what caused the problem ?

Did you try a reboot?
Do you have shell-access?
is your mysql or maria-db running?

Yes, I restarted my server and yes i have shell-access.

What does your nextcloud.log state?
Did you try service mysql restart ?

Ostherwise (after Backup!) try
sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

If that doesn’t work try
sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:repair

2019-10-08T19:17:37+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] updaterServer: https://updates.nextcloud.com/updater_server/
2019-10-08T19:17:37+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] releaseChannel: beta
2019-10-08T19:17:37+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] internal version:
2019-10-08T19:17:37+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] updateURL: https://updates.nextcloud.com/updater_server/?version=16x0x5x1xxxbetaxx2019-09-25T19%3A10%3A59%2B00%3A0$
2019-10-08T19:17:38+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] getUpdateServerResponse response: Array
[version] =>
[versionstring] => Nextcloud 17.0.0
[url] => https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-17.0.0.zip
[web] => https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/17/admin_manual/maintenance/upgrade.html
[changes] => https://updates.nextcloud.com/changelog_server/?version=17.0.0
[autoupdater] => 1
[eol] => 0
[signature] => wNiZfG7hq7zSObJ4DcFJ7EZBtgXgLUUcsGeUWuQuD4jNQ5cPWfu2Wv+1H7ztzses

2019-10-08T19:17:38+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] storage location: /var/www/nextcloud/data/updater-oc05j7xjfav1/downloads/
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] end of verifyIntegrity()
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 2PHDVOgkzU [info] endStep(“5”)
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] request to updater
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] currentStep()
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] Step 5 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] POST request for step “6”
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] startStep(“6”)
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] extractDownload()
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] storage location: /var/www/nextcloud/data/updater-oc05j7xjfav1/downloads/
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] extractDownload()
2019-10-08T19:17:40+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] storage location: /var/www/nextcloud/data/updater-oc05j7xjfav1/downloads/
2019-10-08T19:18:01+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] end of extractDownload()
2019-10-08T19:18:01+0200 sm9ZNwivjp [info] endStep(“6”)
2019-10-08T19:18:01+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] request to updater
2019-10-08T19:18:01+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] currentStep()
2019-10-08T19:18:01+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] Step 6 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:18:01+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] POST request for step “7”
2019-10-08T19:18:01+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] startStep(“7”)
2019-10-08T19:18:06+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] setMaintenanceMode(“true”)
2019-10-08T19:18:06+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] configFileName /var/www/nextcloud/updater/…/config/config.php
2019-10-08T19:18:06+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] end of setMaintenanceMode()
2019-10-08T19:18:06+0200 dc3VFYiGdp [info] endStep(“7”)
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] request to updater
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] currentStep()
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] Step 7 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] POST request for step “8”
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] startStep(“8”)
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] replaceEntryPoints()
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] replace index.php
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] replace status.php
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] replace remote.php
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] replace public.php
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] replace ocs/v1.php
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] replace ocs/v2.php
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] end of replaceEntryPoints()
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 PnypvK7htz [info] endStep(“8”)
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] request to updater
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] currentStep()
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] Step 8 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] POST request for step “9”
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] Step 8 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] POST request for step “9”
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] startStep(“9”)
2019-10-08T19:18:09+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] deleteOldFiles()
2019-10-08T19:18:10+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] config sample exists
2019-10-08T19:18:10+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] themes README exists
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] end of deleteOldFiles()
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 UqiuroOnI5 [info] endStep(“9”)
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] request to updater
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] currentStep()
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] Step 9 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] POST request for step “10”
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] startStep(“10”)
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] moveNewVersionInPlace()
2019-10-08T19:18:20+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] storage location: /var/www/nextcloud/data/updater-oc05j7xjfav1/downloads/nextcloud/
2019-10-08T19:18:26+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] end of moveNewVersionInPlace()
2019-10-08T19:18:26+0200 VKBOTLAebm [info] endStep(“10”)
2019-10-08T19:18:30+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] request to updater
2019-10-08T19:18:30+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] currentStep()
2019-10-08T19:18:30+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] Step 10 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:18:30+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] POST request for step “11”
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] startStep(“11”)
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] setMaintenanceMode(“false”)
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] configFileName /var/www/nextcloud/updater/…/config/config.php
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] end of setMaintenanceMode()
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 XOgJmOGlHc [info] endStep(“11”)
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] request to updater
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] currentStep()
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] Step 11 is in state “end”.
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] POST request for step “12”
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] startStep(“12”)
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] POST request for step “12”
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] startStep(“12”)
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] finalize()
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] storage location: /var/www/nextcloud/data/updater-oc05j7xjfav1/downloads/nextcloud/
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] call opcache_reset()
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] end of finalize()
2019-10-08T19:18:31+0200 rhNdSSFWV8 [info] endStep(“12”)

Sorry for the wait.

Do you had groupfoder app activated?
If yes, first try to rename the grouppfolder directory in /nextcloud/apps

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Thank you!!!
It works. It works.

I have to delete groupfolder apps ?

Yes, that’s a known bug and should be the reason why it didn’t do the update in the stable chanel…

Ok Thank you very much.

Please mark the thread as solved…

I can’t find a way to finish the thread:relaxed: