I can't setup smtp email server in the admin settings

I think I set things up correctly in the admin “basic settings” but I can not get this part working correctly.

I followed many tutorials and press “Send Email” button. This fails with various errors in red.

The errors in red vary because I make changes and try other things.
Most instructions online seem straight forward for a gmail,outlook or other smtp server settings.

Do I need to open a particular port or something for this to work correctly ?

I am using Nextcloud 20+ and it’s behind a Nginix proxy/reverse proxy
I do not think the proxy or router need anything for sending out mail since it’s an outgoing mail server.

Please advise

It would be helpful to know what your error messages are. I would think that the email would be forwarded out to your smtp server - whoever that is. I find that most errors are just misconfigurations in the email settings. Those email settings are stored in your /netcloud/config/config.php file I do believe.

Are you sure you have your correct settings for your email provider?
How is NC setup - what operating system? Can you ping your email server?


I basically used the snap install of nextcloud on ubuntu 20.04 server.

I did not ping the email server but I tried with gmail smtp and outlook as many online instructions indicated.
I tried settings in this test server site too

It times out on this site below, but the errors are so many different ones on the nextcloud including timing out with other error messages there too.

So likely I have some setting wrong but most instructions seem simple enough.

Many other instruction on the web for settings up email clients and most seem about the same.
Seems like gmail doesn’t allow this anymore.

I’ll post back

I think I got it.

It’s not the settings, but gmail account settings.
There is a feature to turn on or off apps that do not use secure or 2 step verification etc.

This is crazy that I never could find any of this out but someone posted this here.


So I sent successful mail and likely all other mail system have something like this that may not be something you can turn off.

Anyhow, seems to have passed the send mail test with this toggled off in gmail account.
I don’t want to leave it off though so likely need another account or something.

Im not a big fan of gmail. I do have an account but it just forwards everything to another private email address. Glad you got it worked out. :slight_smile:

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I hate gmail but was just experimenting with what I had atm.

I was looking for something else and prefer not to use gmail for this.

I used Tutanota for some time. Its pretty good.


Does Tutanota require a bridge or something like other encrypted emails ?

Or can I just use the setting they give for the smtp and it should work as expected ?
Protonmail requires a bridge thing to use smtp for example.


As I remember it should just work with the smtp settings. The only catch is that if you do not use the account at least once a month then its deleted.

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