I can't make piwik work

I’ve installed piwik on the same domain in which I’ve installed nextcloud.

I’ve added a new entry in the piwik dashboard related to the nextcloud installation. The ID is 2.

I’ve installed the piwik plugin from the app store and configured this way:

Site ID: 2
URL ://mydomain.com/piwik

Still no data in piwik.

Any suggestion?

I wonder that this works… Nextcloud and Piwik side by side on same Domain? Just a rough Guess: I would suggest to use different domains or at least subdomains like piwik.anydomain.com / nextcloud.anydomain.com.

@jakobssystems it works and helps you to omit csp related issues.

@Massimo_Di_Leo if you reload your settings page, the piwik settings are still there? Did you check your javascript log? Any adblocker?

It eventually started to work. I don’t know why. But it works now.

I have the same problem. I have created a subdomain and want to track my nextcloud. I installed the app from the store and entered it as URL //piwik.mydomain.com
Unfortunately it does not work.
I am using nginx as Webserver on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS