I can't log onto the windows app

Hi I’m using Nextcloud on my windows pc only online. I can’t log on to the windows nextcloud app. NextCloud2

My Nextcloud is on my server at https://guest-posts.com/nectcloud

I can access it there but can’t logon to it in the App

Regards Keith

Host not found, perhaps the client has problems to resolve domain names? Or you DNS entry is very recent and the DNS resolver has still cached that there isn’t this domain name. Can you open the login page on the browser of this specific client computer?

If the connection is not working, any antivirus or firewall software preventing that? On the server side some protection that blocks the client?

I can access nextcloud here https://guest-posts.com/nextcloud/index.php/apps/dashboard/ but not able to login to the windows 10 app

Issue resolved now thank you.

On another point where are my files stored in my php database?