I can't find nextcloud folder in var & www

  • I have installed nextcloud on ubuntu server only my old laptop directly from the suggested packages option which show up while installing ubuntu server.

  • I configured it later from the chrome browser and made user id for nextcloud and its working file.

  • I wanted to take its backup and watched few videos on youtube on how to take it.

  • But I don’t see any folder named Nextcloud in var/www/ folder. In fact there is no www folder itself. Where is it installed then?

I searched file system and it shows there is nextcloud folder inside snap folder. It contains 3 folders - 40228 , 40887 and current.

So where is it stored exactly? and where is the database? I don’t recall recording any database entries for nextcloud.

Thanks in advance. I am a novice person who installed nextcloud watching youtube video. Please help.

Hi @nextclouduser254

If you installed Nextcloud directly from the Ubuntu installer, you are running the Snap package. You can find documentation for it on the project’s wiki page on GitHub, which also includes a section on how to manage your data, including backups: Home · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap Wiki · GitHub

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I believe you are looking for the following location:
all Nextcloud configs etc are stored there

I don’t think so, because that would only be the case if the Nextcloud docker images were used. However, OP clearly stated that Nextcloud was installed from the suggested packages option in the Ubuntu installer, which will install the snap package.

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Got it , sorry.
A manual install puts them in the reference I posted.