I can't figure out the permissions for smb storage

Could some kind soul share their permission settings for a smb shared folder in truenas? I can’t seem to get nextcloud to work using a smb folder on truenas (not using truenas jail. nextcloud is running on a seperate box)
Yes, I did read the manual, checked forums, youtube. It’s just not clicking for me.

Truenas settings:
smb folder on truenas called nextcloud_shared:
smb share acl is "everyone@, “share” and “allow”
nextcloud_shared File System ACL is set to Owner@: www-data, group@:www-data & then a user:nextcloud I tried permissions at Full, modify, & read

docker file will create the “config”, custome_apps", “data”, & “themes” folder on install but than get a " data directory is readable by other users…change to 0770"
If I check the grp & ownership those files are all owned by “root:root”. I can’t even “su -” and change the permissions (from the debian nextcloud docker server)

Here’s my fstab: // /media/nas1/nextcloud/ cifs uid=0,iocharset=utf8,vers=3.0,credentials=/home/test/.smb/credentials.txt,noperm,nofail, 0 0
Credential file has User:nextcloud password:I’mnottellingyouthat

I can browse to the smb. I can create files in the smb but it creates them as root:root.

My docker nextcloud.yaml file has these references:
- ${nextcloud_ROOT}/html:/var/www/html
- ${nextcloud_NAS}/data:/var/www/html/data
- ${nextcloud_NAS}/config:/var/www/html/config
- ${nextcloud_NAS}/custom_apps:/var/www/html/custom_apps
- ${nextcloud_NAS}/themes:/var/www/html/themes

  • nextcloud_TRUSTED_DOMAINS=‘${nextcloud_FQDN}’
    • nextcloud_DATA_DIR=/media/nas1/nextcloud/data
    • MYSQL_DATABASE=nextcloud
    • MYSQL_USER=nextcloud
    • MYSQL_HOST=nextcloud-mariadb
    • REDIS_HOST=nextcloud-redis
      restart: unless-stopped

I’m sure this is an SMB permissions file issue. I know if I don’t use an smb share for file storage the docker yaml creates those directories locally as www-data:www-data. Which is what I set the smb acl folder ownership/group to but I get the error

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know there are lots of forums on this & I have been searching, trying and testing but nothing seems to be working.

Thank you