I can't edit files on my Android phone

Hi all,

I have downloaded the Nextcloud client on my linux desktop and the Nextcloud app on my android phone
I successfully logged into my online cloud, it successfully syncs files and folders, and I can see the files and folders.

However when I try to open a file from my synced folder on my desktop in thunar with LibreOffice, I get the error:
“Access to /home/user/Nextcloud/test.xlsx was denied.”

Edit: This was caused by firejail, I fixed this issue. Had nothing to do with Nextcloud.

Something similar happens on my Android phone when I try to open the file in the Nextcloud app with “OpenDocument reader”, I see this error:
“Couldn’t find file. Maybe it doesn’t exist any longer?”

On my desktop, I can however copy the file from the Nextcloud folder to my home folder, and then edit it, and then copy the new file back to my nextcloud folder.

How can I fix this?

hey @Hazy8492 and welcome to the communityforum of NC

sadly enough you didn’t provide any informations about your server, your server environment and all of the problematic systems.

So we don’t know how you setup your instance etc.

there was a template underlying here asking you for some informations… you have deleted it. Such a pity.

It would be nice if you could transmit more infos to enable ppl on the forum to really help you rather than asking their chrystal balls

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The errors are caused by sandboxing on my desktop and android device I believe. Is this a common issue and is there maybe a work around for this bug?

thanks for updating your issue.

Regarding your Androidprpoblem… if you’d tell me which app-version you’re running I could tell you if my suspicion is correct or not

Nextcloud 3.28.2

I also flashed an ungoogled Android rom on my phone: /e/OS v1.21

ok… my suspicion was wrong. There was an error with 3.28.1 which could have been connected. but well… it apparently isn’t.

as much as I admire your bravery (and as much as I would like to do the same with my mobile) as much I’m afraid that this OS is completely unsupported (from nextcloud’s side)

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I found a work around to set up cloud with Nextcloud on my desktop and my phone:


I found another workaround:

The files from Nextcloud are on my phone stored in:

You can open the files directly from there with a 3rd party editing app like office.

My issue is similar to this problem:

I would still like a fix where I can open Nextcloud and edit and save my files directly from there.

I think the issue is in Android 13 that uses sandboxes for security reasons.


I found that Nextcloud works fine with onlyoffice on my phone and I can edit and save files perfectly now, but I would prefer Collabora as an editor.

Is there a way to do this? I can’t seem to install collabora on my nextcloud server as it’s not self-hosted but maybe I’m missing something.