I can't download


root@nextcloud:/var/www/nextcloud # sudo -u www-data php occ app:install mail
Error: Could not download app mail and I can’t
and the application is not visible in “Applications” in the Admin Dashboard.

Nextcloud version?
App version?

I’m using the last version of NextCloud

I have no logs.

Please contact your administrator. Maybe he is able to provide the needed information.

Yep. I can’t do anything with this sparse information. “Last” is so vague as we have multiple installation sources. Also without logs this could be virtually anything.

I am on the admin account but the MAIL application does not appear in the list of installable applications in the last version of NextCloud.

I can only repeat my self. If you want our help then we need more info from your setup.

Here is the information about my system

I have the same problem on one of my servers. The mail app is not to find:

Other apps are there. I updated to 20.0.6 RC1 for test purposes with no change.

See Fix comparison of PHP versions by gouttegd · Pull Request #25138 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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So what should I do to fix this problem? Upgrade the version of php?

Apply the patch manually if you know what you are doing or wait for an update of Nextcloud.

I believe this problem appeared again in Nextcloud 24.0.0 (latest). I am not able to find the mail app in the store.

And I can´t install manually, gives me an Error: Could not download app mail
I used the following command: sudo -u www-data php --define apc.enable_cli=1 occ app:install mail

Would be great if I could get this fixed.

I use an freshly installed Ubuntu server 22.04 with php 8.1. Everything runs fine, except I can´t seem to find some apps in the store (mail, password manager, bookmarks, and a few others)

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