I can’t login anymore

Texting from another account:
I created my first Nextcloud account via the app on ios, and now I can’t sign in anymore, tried resetting the password but never ended up getting an email, IDK Where to post, send, or share this because I’m not tech savvy, or technical in any way, I just decided to look for another free alternative to iCloud Storage since it was filling up quickly

I got important files like my keepass file saved at my account and more important files for work saved at that Nextcloud account

You have your own Nextcloud server? Or do you use a service? Can you still login via web-interface?

I picked webo hosting when I signed up, that is there web interface I think, since they had a 5GB plan for free, witch was enough for my need, maybe I need to contact them about this issue I got.

If you don’t get the mail, then either the mail address was not correctly set, it is in your spam or there were other delivery problems. In that case you have to contact the admin of your instance.