I can not upload a file that has Japanese characters (double-byte characters) in the file name

I used Flowupload to upload a few photos at once, but there was a file with an error and a display of [Retry].
You can upload files that have filenames with only letters and numbers.
You can not upload a file whose file name is Japanese (double-byte character).
In the same file, I tried to upload the file name with alphanumeric and with Japanese.
After all, there is no problem in the case of alphanumeric characters, and in the case of Japanese, the upload fails.
Is there anything I need to set up?

Hello @hakuto

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I changed your topic title to english using an online translation tool.
Hope it fits.

Thank you.
It seems that I made a mistake when I translated Japanese into English with google translation and pasted.

I’m personally not using Japanese characters in my file names, but a similar request related to the use of Chinese characters has been posted a couple of days ago and might give you a hint about the root cause of the problem:

There was a bug that got fixed recently in Flowupload not allowing certain characters. Are you using the latest version released on the App Store?

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