I can not log in to NC with PHP 7.2

I currently run Nextcloud with PHP 7.1. I tried to run it on PHP 7.2 soon. However, when I made it to PHP 7.2, I could not log in to Nextcloud. I enter the user name and password and press the login button. Then the login screen is displayed again. “Password is wrong” is not displayed. At this time, nothing is recorded either in the server log or Nextcloud log.

I set the memory cache to APCu only as in the topic below, but it did not solve it. I am clearing the cache of APCu. I also restarted the server.

Do I have missing work to change from 7.1 to 7.2?
*I can use NC if I return to PHP 7.1.

Nextcloud 15, CentOS 7.5, PHP 7.2.13, nginx 1.13.8

The cause was a description mistake of “session.save_handler” in PHP.ini.

Could you by chance explain further what the solution was?