I can no longer connect to my server via ssh

Hey, so today I additionaly installed node red to my server (just a side note). So after everything and i wanted to reconnect to my raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu server I could no longer do so, and I m getting the following error:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

When I trie to connect over my phone everyting works and I also can no longer view the nc web interface. Has anyone experienced these problems?

Do you have fail2ban running? It already happened to me that I was locked out by it.

yes but in the jail.d folder are no more files

And this:

sudo fail2ban-client banned

is answering the same?


oh yes there is one in, how can I delete it?

sudo fail2ban-client unban <IP>


sudo fail2ban-client unban --all

Hope that helps,
much luck!


Yes thank you very much

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