I believe I have to give up on NextCloud

Thank you!

I would concur with the opening remarks - this is a package which is too unreliable for serious use.
Documentation is either incorrect or out of date
The community gets very little by way of substantive solutions - I am beyond that fuzzy feel good factor of being lost at sea with thousands of other users vainly seeking a paddle. I want solutions
My experience has been a horrid one and one i now gladly turn my back on.

Nextcloud uses the webserver and database server that are on the system. So they need to be configured and some changes in the past required to apply some updates to this configuration between versions. We try to update the documentation with helpful steps, or put something in howtos here on the forum. The “traditional” way is not bad since a lot are using this configuration and can help you.

https can be installed with letsencrypt “easily”, behind a home network router everything can be a bit tricky, then you need to become a bit of a network expert. Without more details it’s difficult to help here.

Does anyone know how dedicated users, such as myself, could have an opportunity to drastically improve the English version of the official documentation by freelancing for Nextcloud GmBH?

May i suggest using ncp via the curl installer, you copy paste one line into terminal and get a working instance of nextcloud, curated updates, a bit later than the normal stable updates but therefore tested and working, a hamdy backend to configure everything you need to run nextcloud, backup management and a lot more, all made for the non experienced user, instead of it pro’s…

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I think that you could just head over to Github and contribute to the documentation:


Hi. I have the same experiences. I just lost a week reinstalling nextcloud. There are always some problems, after fixing them, new problems arise.

Could you write what solution you are currently using that works without errors after clean installation?

Who do you address with your question?

For op:

I give up and am going to find an other solution for files, adressbook and contacts.

Dear CZCZ, although I have started this tread I must say there is no real alternative. What I can do is give you my script how I setup an error free NextCloud server based on Ubuntu, Webmin, Samba, Apache2, PHP 7.4, MariaDB, NextCloud, Redis, LetsEncrypt.
The file, it is Dutch at the moment, you can copy paste the commands required. It includes all the required step such as spin down of harddrives, required users, tip & tricks and leads to an error free installation of NextCloud 20.0.2.
By the way: I have looked at the manuals supplied by NextCloud and found them also helpful.

The only thing I cannot solve at the moment is to get an A+ when I do the https://scan.nextcloud.com/ scan to see if my site is save. Maybe that can be solved somewhere in the future.

Best regards, Cees

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Dear All see message above. I have translated my script to build up a NextCloud server with tips & tricks as explained above into English. What to do? Can I upload? It is about 131Kb or 10 pages A4 of instructions and explanations. I like to share.
If experts like to comment I would appreciate that!

WHOOOOAAAAH! :heart_eyes_cat:

Have you tried posting it under HowTo to this forum?

we could try making it a wiki so that everyone could edit it… what do you think?

Hi Jimmy,
Just tried to copy/paste in a message. The formatting however goes to pieces. Formattiing is important to distinguish tekst, content, chapters and commands.
There is no place to upload it in PDF or odt? Is it possible to email it to somebody maybe a user of this forum?
Thanks, Cees

not on this forum, I’m afraid.

but what if you’d try to save the doc as an rtf or such and see what comes out of it? Or maybe there’s some tool to convert it to markdown?

Dear all,
I came across this post by random chance and can only applaud the debate as a calm, thoughtful one.
Yes, Nextcloud and any modern web app will be complicated to set up, require knowledge outside of the confort zone of most people.

Such a forum is but one bit of solution for most, so I’d like to point out to another (with its own set of drawbacks):
While looking for an easier way to manage my bare metal cloud server, I came across the YUNOHOST project. They package many open source web apps behind a single sign on portal, manage users with LDAP, configure Nextcloud to use it, set up Letsencrypt and a functional mail stack…
It works quite well but also requires care and knowledge to manage (such as messing with DNS). I’m not sure there’s a perfect solution for everyone but this can help some overcome the feeling of helplessness.


Nice is that the Nextcloud team inspired me to write a wiki how to to start from scratch to a working Nextcloud server which now flawlessly functions for me. I could not work without Nextcloud.


Did you publish it somewhere in the meantime? Probably you can share it via shared link from your Nextcloud instance :see_no_evil:. Else, I’ll PM you for sending it by email and I’ll have a look.

Our project DietPi offers a range of software and web applications, including Nextcloud, in a ready-to-use manner. A bit similar to YunoHost, but by default with a light console based interface for system setup and instead. Since I use Nextcloud myself for years, it gets special attention in the project and I try to keep it an updated best practice setup. Any input on what might be done better is hence highly associated and I like to share my knowledge and experience about it as well.

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Yes. But on error you need also knowledge or a reinstall ,-) It is a little bit like Windows :wink: No knowledge but often reinstall. For this people i think it is better to use Microsoft365 or Managed Nextcloud.

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