I am looking for any freelancer & developer to customise few things


This is my second post and I hope, It is okay to ask here.

I am looking for some freelancer or developer who has good experience on NextCloud development.

Right now, I am looking for someone who can help me with the following task.

  1. After user login most of the page loads within 5 to 7 seconds. I want to bring it down to 2 to 3 seconds. I think, by compressing and joining css/js, it can be done or some other way.
  2. Our internal developers are able to create a email account when ever new user is created on nextcloud, Now i want the auto login, when clicking on the email client icon at the top. Dont want user to enter username and password all the time.

Please quote me your price & delivery time.

Hi @Dhanasekar_Mani, use this type of topic for this your request Nextcloud freelancing

about your 1st request, have you enabled opcache ? and php-fpm ?


thank you, will follow as you suggested.

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@Mageunic Thanks for your response, php-fpm really helps to speed up the server. We are planning to move to nvme drives from SSD. We are aiming to load the web pages within 2 seconds, currently the loading of documents using AnyCloud takes about 5 to 6 seconds.

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I think I have got a solution for the second topic.

Mail me michael.voelker@software-and-testing.com