I am a Laravel's developer , how can I help?

Hello everyone,

I am a Laravel’s developer , how can I help?

Best regards,


Hi Jeffrey!

Nice to have you here and welcome. At the moment we don’t have the repositories up there yet as well as no contribution guidelines BUT they will be very soon and we appreciate any help on any front.

Such as writing apps / fixing bugs / adding features / evangelizing / joining the discussion / etc. – so we have already a lot of discussions ongoing here such as having a CI setup or whether we should implement C4 and much more. Now is the right time to join the discussion and make a difference :slight_smile:

Best to subscribe to the “dev” category here and to our newsletter at newsletter.nextcloud.com. We will share as soon as there is some more information on how to contribute to the code. :slight_smile:

Hi LukasReschke,

Thank you very much for all informations.