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Which database program comes with Nextcloud 14 - MariaDB or MySQL?

My current database is with MariaDB via a custom install script by someone else. I either wanna use the same or learn what I need to do to convert it, along with a fresh install of Nextcloud 14 and upgrade to v15 rc1.

My server is running FreeNAS 11.2 rc2, I’ve installed a fresh version of Nextcloud a few times while playing around.

Nextcloud is just a couple of php scripts, you run it on your webserver and you can use MariaDB, MySqL or Postgresql as database.

You missed the main question - which one comes with Nextcloud?

I’m gonna add another - If MySQL comes with Nextcloud, how can I replace it with MariaDB?

No specific database comes with Nextcloud, these are just php scripts and you can use whatever database you prefer:

As @tflidd said, there is no DB that is shipped with NC itself. It relies on you having a DB already installed and up and running. The one DB he did not mention is SQLite. Which is not recommended if you plan to use your instance in a production way at all.

If you have a MariaDB already running, you are good to go, and can just add the NC instance to work on that.

I guess I read too quick earlier. I want to make a new iocage install of Nextcloud on my FreeNAS server, my problem is, I think the automated install from the plugins list comes with MySQL. My current install can’t update no more, and is broken in other ways that can’t be fixed. Data is still accessible, thankfully - and stored outside the iocage.

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