HumHub integration?


are there any plans to integrate HumHub into Nextcloud?

For example there is a HumHub app to integrate Dropbox files into HumHub… I already did a request for a Nextcloud file access integration at HumHub. So it would be fine to allow access to a HumHub installation to a Nextcloud instance.


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This is actually quite interesting as HumHub is also federated and supposed to be working with activitypub (like Nextcloud)? Edit: sorry, I was confused and thought we are talking about

I feel that currently the federation aspect of Nextcloud is a bit under developed or rather overlooked by the developers.

We had a related discussion here:

I would welcome this feature too…


as this thread seems to be over 2 years old and you are the 3rd person to comment here i would estimate that general interest in integrating humhub seems to be quite low.

in this case i’d suggest to get yourself involved in the process of integration and thus check humhub for open nc-integration pr’s and/or same for nextcloud server.

plus you please take into consideration that nc was developped further in the meanwhile.

Now the thread is 3 years, but I think nextcloud integration with humhub would be great.
File management in HumHub is rudimentary. If files could be managed by nextcloud, we would have finely granulated rights management in HumHub. Especially in relation to Office files and OnlyOffice. HumHub could be a good tool for user communication and interaction in the nextcloud instance.