Humble request for allowing Wiki-style editing on posts, especially based on Trust Level


I’d like to humbly request allowing at least some users to convert their posts into wikis. Perhaps Trust Level 1 is involved as a prerequisite. One thing we are missing is the the ability to start converting these threads into really clear information.

Please consider allowing some level of wiki editing, which is available in Discourse. Also check out DiscoTOC, which is a simple theme component that allow threads to be more easily organized.

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it IS possible already. you need to be at least a regular guest being permitted doing exactly what you requested.

Great, could you please promote me to regular guest.

i would. but i can’t… you might ask @tflidd, @rakekniven or @jospoortvliet e.g.

Hello James,

just did this happily seconds ago.

Really appreciate your work here with us.

Let me know if you need anything.

btw. which posts do you have in mind to convert to a wiki?

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@rakekniven I’d recommend considering DiscoTOC from meta.discourse forum. See example on desktop and example on mobile. You can use it to allow Nextcloud forum users to quickly write up cleaner collaborative documentation within the forum. And, it is easy to install. :slight_smile:

Installation Instructions
It is a theme component, so installing it can be done easily while the forum is live directly from admin/customize/components/install/find and click install again
Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 2.31.10 PM
Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 2.31.44 PM
You’ll need to select your theme in order for it to activate. It can be restricted by Trust Level.

Here is what it looks like to add a Table of Contents on the right hand side. Cheers either way.

Thanks again. I’ve created a wiki posting here for ideas and nice to haves.

I mentioned possibility of adding a table of contents component to this forum. See this live example of DiscoTOC on our forum (table of contents appears on bottom right of post).

Hello @just,

currently I am short in time and I am not an server admin for this forum.
Hopefully I get some hours over eastern to have a deeper look here.

Thanks for your recommendation.

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