Huge logfile on client

Since yesterday my nextcloud desktop client is creating huge logfiles of a few GB within minutes.
(Nextcloud Desktop-Client. Version 3.1.3 (openSUSE). OpenSuse 15.3)
logrotate is working

tail of the logfile in (./.config/Nextcloud/logs/) shows that the logfile is filled with lines like
2022-02-05 22:27:07:350 [ info nextcloud.gui.socketapi ]: Received SocketAPI message ← "RETRIEVE_FILE_STATUS:<SOME_FULL_FILEPATH> from QLocalSocket(0x55fbdd1058b0)

where <SOME_FULL_FILEPATH> is a full path of files on the file system OUTSIDE of the folders that are to be synchronized.

server version:
Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.1) on opensuse 15.1

synchronization seems to work.

how can that be stopped and onfigured properly.

problem resolved.
it maybe was a problem with plasma