Https not working on nextcloud

Hey guys,

I am new to nextcloud and I installed it on my webspace under As I installed the ‘Talk’ function, I found out that this domain hasn’t got a certificate yet. So I updated it and know all other pages on that webspace have https - for example (A project I am working on). But for some reason, when I enter, there is no https. When I enter everything works fine, but I don’t wan’t to typ this every time.

Does somebody have an idea how to fix this? Do I have to change anything in the config?

Thanks for your help! Gabriel

do you have a redirect-to-https button in your webspace console?

what exactly is your “web space”?

btw: your cwk-art isn’t save as well.

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Yes you need to open your config.php in your nextcloud folder on the server. Ad “your domain” into the line after:

‘trusted_domains’ =>


This should work.

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Why do you not only use

You can remove the “index.php” from the url

Thanks! That worked.

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