Https free solution without a domain name

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Nextcloud version : 16.0.2
Operating system and version : 10.00
Apache version : Apache 2.4.38
PHP version : 7.3

Hi. I am looking for answers. I just set up a local server on a RPI. I can access to nextcloud in local and now i am searching for accessing it outside of my home.

For that, i am not confident doing this with http and only port 80. So i would like to use https.

Regarding https, i was wondering if it is possible to enable it without a domain name (and buying it every year so). I saw that with a domain name, i would be able to make a SSL file and i will have https (certbot…).

But i am looking for a free solution.

Maybe, it’s not possible but i am asking that :slight_smile:
Have a good evening and thanks for your time.

By the way, i have an account with NordVPN (using open VPN with my router) if you can figure a solution with that.

If you want to host from your home you probably have a dynamic IP from your ISP, so you will need to use some sort of dynDNS service. If I recall correctly there are some free ones that you can configure with your home router.

Thanks for your answer.

I was thinking using this site for that after everyting will be set correctly :

And, i was looking for a way to do what i want on google. I found this website :

Anyone has already tried that ? I found this very interesting and i think this is what i am looking for.

This works, but it will give you a self-signed certificate which browsers of course can’t trust by default. If you want to make it appear more professional, just use lets encrypt. Since you are going to use a ddns like noip anyway lets encrypt is the best solution. It’s free and easy to use

I am going to agree with the previous poster. Self-signed certificates are very annoying because eveything will complain. Plus, you encourage bad security practices when you start sharing links with people.

You should be able to get a letsencrypt cert with noip ddns. Check out mod_md if you are going to use Apache as web server. It is SSL setup on easy mode, it is technically not stable enough to be included in Apache by default, but I have used it without any problems for over 6 months now.

Thank you for the advance. I will follow that.

I just think of NO-IP website and so didn’t think that whit my futur NO-IP domain, I will be able to have https/lets encrypt. I will have a look with.

Last question, is NO-IP website a sure solution? Because of the free solution, i always wondering what is behind this “gift”.

Thank you.

I did the install with NO-IP and certbot. It worked perfectly but it was not easy.

Just to know, does anyone know if the free solution offer by NO-IP is sure?

Have a good day.