Https Connection 😭


I have Nextcloud up and running great except for one small issue. The Android app won’t connect to my server.

It will connect over http but not https. All other apps I’ve tried (iOS, windows, browser) do just fine.

Basically I am using IIS to listen to https:///nextcloud and reverse proxy that to localhost:8080.

The Android app finds the server and I am able to log in but then I just get a message at the top that says “No Internet Connection”. It’s lying though.

I’ve attached a screen shot for you. It’s really weird.

On another note I was able to connect using Sold Explorer’s Owncloud connection just fine. It really seems to just be the Nextcloud app.


Matt Keener


At first I thought this might be a cert issue, but I ran my host by ssllabs’s test and it said there were not cert chain issues…

Any ideas?

Hi @keenish27,

best to raise an issue at where you can reach all the developers of the Android client. They might request a test account though to be able to debug your issue.