HTTP 503 Error - installation


I have a problem when I try to install Nextcloud.

I use NGINX, with the Owncloud vhost. I changed directories to match with Nextcloud.

But when i cannot reach the index.php, i have a 503 HTTP error when I make an installation from scratch.
I tried to install again owncloud from scratch and i dont have any error.

Any idea why ?


I tried to install Owncloud and use this script to make the update :

Owncloud works.
After update, Nextcloud works.
I close Chrome.
I open my cloud.
HTTP 503 Error.

Weird thing : when I use the private nagivation on Chrome, Nextcloud works like a charm
I ve tried to delete all my cookie/cache ect… on Chrome. Its working. But when I close and reopen again, its down again

Which version of Chrome do you use? Do you happen to have any special plugins installed in your browser?

Additionally, is there any chance you could get me an account on your instance? If yes: I’d appreciate if you could PM me the credentials as well as the URL :wink:

does this behavior also occur with Firefox? Would be cool if you can test it with other browsers so we can determine whether its a chrome problem or a general bug in nextcloud.

i have this problem on Chrome 51.0.2704.103 m and Chrome Android. With or without plugins - all disabled - i have the same issue

Seens like i dont have this problem on Firefox Portable and IE/Edge

Weird thing too : if i visit my website before, its working.
but if i visit in first place, its not working. and when i return on - or whatever * i have, its ok

i made a fresh install.
i will send you the credential

Edit . where is the link to send pm ? :stuck_out_tongue: would work as well :wink:

Or click on my username and then “message”.

i dont have the message button on your profile

done on your email

email sent with credentials from a test serv with this issue

Hello im new here
I have just made a fresh install yesterday, and I face same problem.
After I installed Nextcloud yesterday, everything was fine.
But today I tried access cloud.domain.tld and with chrome I got a 503 error.
Then I tried with chrome in incognito mode, and it worked.
if I in normal chrome mode, access chrome://chrome/settings/cookies and delete cookies for my cloud.domain.tld and try access the page everything is good.
Close the tab or page and try access nextcloud again samme http 503 error again.
I have used the nextcloud configuration for nginx from the docs page.

I have setup a reverse proxy in front of nginx with nextcloud to load balance, but I don’t think this gives me the problem.

Please see the discussion on GitHub, this is a NGINX related config problem.


Thank you.
I changed following lineds in my host file for nextcloud:

include fastcgi_params;
fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$;


fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.*)$;
include fastcgi_params;

This seems to fix it

@LukasReschke I am having this same issue I have installed it on the server and it is giving me this 503 error. Tell me how to fix that