HTTP 500 error during installation


I try to install nextcloud on my werbspace. I copied the files to my webspace account und created a database. I created a subdomain pointing to the nextcloud directory, but when I try to reache the URL I get an HTTP 500 error, so I cannot start the installation process.
What should I do?


500 error doesn’t give much info, so the best thing to do is look at the log files. Like nextcloud.log in your data folder. Or take a look at the server log (nginx.log or apache.log) in case of wrong configured domain settings. Like did you configured the webserver correctly with your subdomain?

Also give some information about your setup. Which webserver you are using,… versions… etc.

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[error] ] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /vhostdata/htdoc/nextcloud/
alert] [client] /vhostdata/htdoc/nextcloud/.htaccess: DirectoryIndex not allowed here

??? how have I to change the htaccess?
If I delete the htaccess I can install — but this is for sure not safe…