.htaccess deleted during web-based update

Today, I was updating Nextcloud from (I believe) 28.0.2 to 28.0.3. During the update process, .htaccess is deleted - which causes the update process to terminate and leaves the site inaccessible.

The solution is to manually restore the old .htaccess (which is the unmodified original .htaccess) and re-start the update - which is very inconvenient.

This already happened in the last update - on Nextcloud 28. Prior to Nextcloud 28, I did not have this problem.

The problem still occurs in the update from 28.0.3 to 28.0.4.

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I can also confirm this. Exactly the same behavior.

Additional failed the integrity check for some files like .htaccess

Created a new ticket (187111) for that.

The .htaccess in the Nextcloud Server installation folder is part of Nextcloud Server. It is replaced/updated with each release as needed.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “terminate and inaccessible”? What specifically do you experience?

Can you elaborate on your installation environment?

P.S. Have you tried using the command line Updater? (See the Admin Manual for details). It would be informative to see if the command line Updater still behaves at all similar for you.

Can you share more details? What installation method? What distribution? Etc.

Also please post the integrity check output.

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I am running Nextcloud on a self-hosted and up-to-date ‘Arch Linux ARM’ (Raspberry Pi 4 Model B). I installed Nextcloud a long time ago using manual installation. Before NC28, I did not have problems with .htaccess.

The problem is that during the update procedure, NC
(1) deletes the existing .htaccess file
(2) and at some later point NC intents to put the new .htaccess file in place.
However, in between these two steps, the site is left without an .htaccess file and, thus, becomes inaccessible.
After I manually restore the old .htaccess, I can continue the update procedure.

I need to wait for the next release to provide the exact error message that I get.

Concerning the command line Updater: No, I have not tried it. However, I am confident that using it, I would not experience the problem with the missing .htaccess during the update.

occ integrity:check-core gives me the following output:
dlopen: libavcodec.so.60: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

@ Installation
Via complete package from my provider and cpanel / Softaculous Apps Installer

Own thread for integrity check: