HSTS Header doesn't exist for Nextcloud 24


I want to migrate to the 24th branch of Nextcloud, but I have this message since several month:

HSTS Header doesn’t exist for Nextcloud 24.

I have ask my web hosting (Infomaniak) and I have no headers activated.

I have deactivate the module this morning, to test my Nextcloud without the module.

I have two choice now:
— wait since HSTS Header create a new version that support Nextcloud 24, than migrate to it
— desactivate the apps and migrate, and perhaps have a secuity problem

What shloud I do, please?

Hello! Creat a new support request at GitHub - sualko/cloud_hsts: Adds HSTS header to @Nextcloud response asking for NC 24 support

It is done Andy, thanks.