HPB - Issues with multiple Users (janus/signaling)

I’ve managed to install and configure a high performance backend for my nextcloud instance.
The connection and video calls worked just fine while testing with a low user count 2-3. However yesterday i’ve testet a video call with 10+ users and the videos where completly out of sync, stuttering or bad quality. Audio was fine.

I’ve invesitgated the logs of “janus” and “signaling” but need some help in understanding the output.

Janus Log Examples

There are a lot of these messages:

Got 3 SRTP/SRTCP errors in the last few seconds (last error: srtp_err_status_replay_fail)

There are some cases where this message appears:

ncvs janus[237088]: [8835335087299120] Creating ICE agent (ICE Full mode, controlling)
ncvs janus[237088]: nice_agent_set_relay_info: assertion 'username' failed
ncvs janus[237088]: [WARN] Could not set TURN server, is the address correct? (

Signaling Log Examples

However there are loads of messages like this:

signaling[403920]: mcu_janus.go:1094: Subscriber *********** (7102076938146570) is reporting 4 lost packets on the uplink (Janus -> client)

Can anyone assist me with this? Are these messages normal or did i misconfigure something?

Do you use LAN or behind NAT? Do you run it in docker ?
Do consider to install TURN server if users are connecting from Internet.

Regarding below error:

ncvs janus[237088]: nice_agent_set_relay_info: assertion 'username' failed

I have had this error when tried to setup where Janus communicating to coturn via API. Since it didn’t work I’ve removed API configuration part and get TURN specified directly in nextcloud instance.

Did you find a solution for this? Currently i am facing the same problems…

May you can elaborate a bot more on how to set up this without (?) API? I only can find guides using the API-Secret authentification.

Hi huto,

I’m faceing the same problems too…
Did you find the probelms? thanks
My janus.jcfg :

        stun_server = ""
        stun_port = 3478
        full_trickle = true
        turn_server = ""
        turn_port = 3478
        turn_type = "udp"
        ice_ignore_list = "vmnet"