Howto update 19.0.4 to 19.0.5

NC20 seems me a big step I do not want to go at the moment.
I’m at 19.0.4 at the moment and got an information about new version 19.0.5
But Updater (web, php or cpanel of my server provider) want all to jump to 20.0.2

How can I update to 19.0.5 ?
Is it not recommended to use this version? Do I have to go to 20.0.2 ?

bye, snowy

What type of installation is this? Depending on what kind, you may or may not have a lot of version control options.

This is one of the reasons I prefer running Docker. You can be as specific or in specific about the version number as you want.

Hi, I only have a web space account by my provider.
I can not run docker here :frowning:
but I have a shell login, I can run php update for example

So… is it a manual installation then? As in you unzipped the files into your web root and manually installed the database?

No, I didn’t install it manual
I used Cpanel-Installer of my provider some time ago (NC13 or NC14)
Later on I used web updater for upgrades only

test again, should be fixed

Hi, great news and yes, I got now offered 19.0.5 and could update to this version :slight_smile: