Howto setting up a cron job on Hestia panel

after many many tries, this finally works properly through hestia panel :

php -f /home/user/web/

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but where does this thread belong to?

well, i’d be happy you tell me :wink:

I think with editing headline and moving it to howto-category it’s more obvious, right? :wink: @punkyard

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thanks, i don’t know how you did that. How to is still not available in the category roll down list.

Thank you very much punkyard!
My contribution, maybe is because of different versions, but in my case, the path is different, “nextcloud” directory is not in the path.
Best regards.

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yes of course, that’s an example. It could be:

php -f /home/theusername/web/
/usr/bin/php7.4 -f /home/theusername/web/

update for 8.1, with last hestia 1.6.11

/usr/bin/php -f /home/username/web/