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Hello everyone,

after importing about 1,000 entries into contacts, I found that many are either duplicates or incomplete or very old and unnecessary. How can I mark and delete several entries at once?
Selecting each individual entry and then finding a delete command somewhere on the right-hand side cannot be ment by the developers, or?

Thanks for every hint

You could sync them with some 3rd-clients that support CardDAV and have such a feature. I think the Google Contacts Android app synced through DAVx5 and the Cardbook addon for Thunderbird allow you to do that.

Thanks first for your immediate response.
At this moment I’m trying to sync at least and first with my android smartphone via DAVx5.
This wasn’t the optimum in the past, because most of the time I hat to trigger the sync by hand) but it worked with an older NextCloud version.
Now I have installed the current NC-Version ‘Hub’ (v18) and had to change the server-url for it. And I don’t even find the place in DAVx5 on my android to change the URL there. Everything possible up to the change of the calendar color is offered but not something so central. Who just programs something … like this ???
Second I have to sync with my macos mojave 10.14 contacts. I’ve found the account and activated ‘Update’ - just that it wasn’t synced …
Sometimes it’s for milking mice … :cry:


Most probably because of a reason mentioned here:

There’s not one URL, but a bunch of them, so you had to change all, and there’s risk of data loss and more problems. Also, there are cases whre you shouldn’t just change the URL (for instance, when you move to another server, which might calculate ETags another way). So, I recommend just to delete the account of the server which doesn’t exist anymore and add another account with the new URL. Should take about 1 min (for me, 5 sec, but I’m used to testing).

If you find a useful algorithm for changing “the URL” which is maintainable, not dangerous, user-friendly and covers all use cases, please let me know or, even better, send a merge request :slight_smile: Thanks!

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