HowTo: Old photo Gallery App will live for ever 😎

With the new Photo App there is no public shared Photo Gallery View available.
(Since Nextcloud Version 18)

β€œβ€¦the motivation of people to work on the Photos app is pretty much disappeared, so the people who complained have achieved the exact opposite of what they wanted: this feature is still not done because unhappy developer = unproductive developer.”

So - let the old Photo Gallery App of Nextcloud live for ever :slightly_smiling_face:


1.) Get old gallery app and unzip:

2.) Copy directory β€œgallery-master” into Your nextcloud directory:

3.) Rename director:

4.) Replace the file purify.js:
has to be replaced by the file:

5.) Edit max-version:
in file:

        <nextcloud min-version="18" max-version="999" />

6.) In Nextcloud 20+ the function escapeHTML was removed

Copy function escapeHTML from beginning of file:

and paste in front of file:

7.) Login as admin into nexcloud and activate app "Gallery"

=> Have fun with sharing Your pictures! :sunglasses: