Howto install app from

Can’t find any tutorial that explains how install one app from :slightly_frowning_face:

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Nextcloud version 13

You can access them from within your Nextcloud instance, under Admin Settings / Apps. You can find the app you want under various categories, then click “Install.”

Some might require additional admin settings.

OK , I found it , but is not intuitive , , should at least says what group is app in

You often have to dig around in app store categories or use the search function. Glad it worked out for you!

Apps often end up just grouped under the “Tools” category. You can submit a PR and add additional categories to the project Github if you’d like to add additional categories to a project.

You’re right …

Those category for the apps are more and more obscure …
Tools category doesn mean anything because i might consider a specific app under tool to be more like security and so on …

alphabetical order should be reinstate.

The simpler, the better.

Many thanks :smile:

Now UserPwauth breaks all app

Call to undefined method OCA\\UserPwauth\\UserPwauth::getBackendName()

app is described as Unix user backend , I’m going open a new question

Many thanks.


Hi guys,
Is there any way to install a app offline ? for some reason my server has no access to internet and i cant install app from my NextCloud instance
I have downloaded the tar.gz file of my desired app from next cloud app store but i don’t know how should i install it.
Is there any way ?
I’m using next cloud 13 on my own server.
Thanks in advance

Any idea. ??