Howto enable Video verification

Hi there,
Today i habe upgradet to 14 and are missing the new Video verfication Feature. Talk isworking properly. Does anyone know how to enable it?

Best regards

I like to know that as well. Didn’t find any good explainer how enable it or making it work. The option, shown in the youtube video about video verification, is not appearing in my sharing menu.


I just tried that myself. You can enable Talk video verification only if you share a link via email.
So in the text field where you can enter a username, or an email address, or …

  • you need to enter the email address and hit enter
  • then this address is listed below as shared with
  • click the three dots behind that address
  • check the box for password protected with talk


Thanks mate, mystery solved

I can NOT get the “password protected by talk” option “video certification”.
to show up in the dropdown menu.
I only get password protection, set expiration option in shared link.
Any suggestions?