HowTo: Container Configuration?

Hi community,

I have a few questions or thoughts regarding the official nextcloud container, we thankfully can use for podman or docker:

Because this is now the seventh time or so I stumble upon certain configuration tasks, I thought I may share my thoughts on it.

My first thought:
There is a warning regarding caldav/carddav that links to the documantal page here:
Since container are standardized, the paths should be already well known, aren’t they?
Or am I supposed to make those changes myself?
Containers usually are not meant to be changed, since every time they are recreated, they lose customizations. Of cause, I could make those changes and rebuild the container myself every time… but …
Couldn’t the caldav thing not already bei preconfigured?

Second thought
For background jobs, it is suggested to use cron:
However, the cronie is not installed in the containers system.
So what am I supposed to do? Installing cronie inside of the container? Well, not sure, I use a user-systemd-service and -timer of the host system in order to get the command that was supposed to be run by a crontab into the container. Not sure if everyone is capable of this and I admit there might be simpler solutions, but … couldn’t it be pre-configured?

Third thought
Since there are Folders I can’t mount to the “hosts” file system, like /etc, wouldn’t it be nice to have an editor to try this or that configuration inside of the conainer? Looks like the caldav/cardav thing requires editing config files in /etc/apache2, well according to threads like this:

How can I make those changes to the container if there’s no editor like vi?
Should I copy the config file from the container to the host, edit it there, and copy it back into the container?

Chances are high that I’m not the only user stumbling on such things, so what are your thoughts, how you are handling this three configuration tasks?

I appreciate your question - I see you spend time looking for solutions but it looks you didn’t find the right resources. I would start with official Docker docs. you will find there Docker .examples as well - showing how to setup cron. and as last topic - this containers are not expected to run “standalone” - mostly it runs behind reverse proxy which should perform well-known rewrites…

Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll give a try