How would you advise a new NextCloud user to setup home-based system

I have given nextcloud a try in the past. I have had many issues that take too much time to resolve. I had problems with the android application, seeing files on my FTP server, and troubles attaching and seeing my USB drive. Also troubles accessing from external.

I have a mini-PC running Ubuntu and I have a single 1TB USB drive I want to save data to encrypted. I need access from outside via PC and Android phone.

If you were starting from scratch today with the current version and had to tell a semi-technical user which way to go to setup a nextcloud system - what would you advise? This will be the last chance I give it a try - I really want it to work but dont have a lot of time to mess around with it.
What is the fastest way to get running?


Probably using a Docker installed method as it’s SIMPLER and likely to work (tradeoff is size and slight performance hit most likely).

And I wouldn’t try to integrate external storage at first - put the files you want on Nextcloud, and worry about adding other repositories another time. GOOD LUCK!


saves you a lot of typing.

or have also a look at the “snap” version.

You can ask 100 nextcloud users, you will have 100 answers !

The real question are:

  • Do you want to fully manage your server on the software side (windows, linux, dsm or other), on the hardware side (hdd, memory stick, cpu …) ?
  • Are capable of tweaking/modding/learning ?
  • What usage, what security level, what redundancy ?
  • What capacity, How many users, 24/7 ?

If you are able to answer you will know how to do it.