How/where can I update my backup security questions?

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I haven’t experienced any functional problem, I just need the location of the security questions so i can update/modify them when required.

What security questions are you referring to?
Do you mean the section under your personal settings, where you can create app passwords, see your latest sessions and so on?

No, I saw those. I mean the backup questions in the event you forget your password.

I have never seen anything like that on Nextcloud so far :thinking:
I’m only aware of the backup codes in case you use two-factor authentification and the second-factor object is not working for any reason. But I haven’t defined any answers to backup questions (like 'what is your mothers birth-name?).

Is it possible you are/ were using an external authentication mechanism where it is possible to define such answers?

No, it’s not from a third party. I recently signed up for the free disroot email service which led me to the disroot cloud. I was playing with certain scenarios (pentesting) and wanted to see what would happen if I lost my password. The service doesn’t allow a backup email and it prompts three security questions when you sign up for the service. That’s fine but what if you want to edit/change those questions?

I’m closing here. Issue does not seem to be related to Nextcloud. In the future, please put all important information in the initial post, @Schmu had to ask twice until you provided clearer information.

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