How we get an independent server solution?


we are an association in Portugal. We would like to use an own server and using “Nextcloud” to share the files with the people who are working in our association.
We dont want to use Dropbox or Google Drive. Also I think it needs a solution with a backup system. I found out that there is something like "element 14 PI-Desktop". But I really dont know if this males sense. So please does someone has nodledge about that?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Matthias,

do I understand your question correctly that you are looking for hardware recommendations for running Nextcloud in an office?

In that case, I’d advise against a Raspberry Pi, because it is quite slow in terms of I/O performance. Meaning that both the network interface is slow and also the USB connection, which you will need to connect a hard drive.

You don’t mention how big your budget is, how many users will be using Nextcloud and how much storage space you need. My personal favorite for small office deployments is the HP Enterprise MicroServer Line. They have Gigabit Ethernet and SATA connectors, which means that you won’t have as many performance problems as with a Pi. The CPU etc. is also probably fast enough, depending on your number of users.

Most other manufacturers of enterprise computers / servers have something similar, though I can’t vouch for their quality. THeoretically you can even use an old computer and put in some hard disks.

Hello Matthias,

I would also recommend a RAID1/5/6.
The same for the backup server.

Many thanks Misosoup and suhype.

I will make a step between.

I found a host and I like to install Nextcloud there in the plesk.
I don`t know yet, how that works, but I try to find out.

I think after a wile, we know how much space we need for documents and lokking for a solution with a “HP Enterprise MicroServer Line” or a “RAID1/5/6”.

We will see.

Many thanks!

Best Matthias

You’re welcome!

RAID1/5/6 are RAID types (a redundant array of disks). So in case a should disk fail, you still have other disks which still run fine (see also: Wikipedia RAID) :wink:

I do not know much about metahost, but I like Softronics due to the good support.

Good luck! :earth_africa:

You mean, METAHost is just a product.

I have several instances installed on METANET servers and they are running smoothly.