How to write expression for blocking *.tmp files in Files Access Control app?

How should I write an expression to prevent users from uploading *.tmp files by using the Files Access Control app?

In reality we are trying to blacklist several different file name conventions (.DS_Store,*.lnk,*.tmp,desktop.ini) etc.

We are trying to use the Files Control App as an alternative to having to manually add all the above name conventions in the Ignored Files Patterns in the Desktop clients of each user.

Can someone please help us understand how to write an expression to block syncing of any of these file name patterns (.DS_Store,*.lnk,*.tmp,desktop.ini)

According to the app it should be something like /^dummy-+$/

these are regular expressions…

some of the file are already on the exception list of the client by default (.DS_Store, …), check out the general section of the settings.